Crafts for Life

We seek to maintain active role in improving healthy and safety at personnel and community level.  We believe that not only fair trade we promote, but fair life for our women through the continuing cooperation of and market support from the Alternative.


              Fair trade and Fair life 

              Community Development

              Environmental preservation 

              Stop global warming

• Actions responses stated in this document definitely validate our claim that several YMCAs around the world have been working toprotect the earth’s resources for coming generations, and to help communities address the enviromnmental challenges.

• The YMCAs action responses includes environmental education, awareness raising, advocacy on environmental issues, and energy-preservation Programmes

•  In recent time some YMCAs have made significant efforts for reducing YMCAs own carbon footprints by forming Green Teams in YMCAs , undertaking energy audits , introducing new techologies and increased use of renewable energy ( green energy ) in place of fossil fuel energies . It is also noted that the environment and other social concerns of the YMCA's movement is leading the organization towards developing value based alternative initiatives that make positive impacts on nature, culture, spirituality, community development, camps, education etc.

                             Tree planting

                             Carbon footprint